Product Highlights

Seismic, Low Noise, Energy Saving and High Efficiency

  • Suitable for all kinds of road condition IP67

  • High overload capacity, Higher COP, Higher 25% than scroll compressor on the market

  • small torque fluctuation, smooth operation, low noise, small vibration

  • Mature Manufacturing Technology Good product consistency and cost-effective

Control Technology of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

R & D Personnel

R&D Team Members:

  • Senior industry expert

  • Presided over national key scientific research projects, key technology applications

  • Has a number of domestic invention patents

  • 15 + years experience in compressor related industry

R&D platform

Testing Equipment
Compressor calorimeter and motor testing、life testing、noise testing、vibration testing equipment ,etc。
Design software
Compressor simulation design software and motor simulation design,Compressor key stress analysis simulation software, compressor dynamic balance simulation software, compressor internal flow field simulation analysis software.

Patent Certificate